Picture it: October 12, 2011. It was a hot and sunny afternoon, and there was a team of 21 from Splunk, Inc., geared up and ready for a Graffiti workshop.

But before they could start spraying, they took a history lesson or two from local graff legend Nate1. After that, the whole Splunk team scoped out the local murals around SoMa and then the spray paint fun began!

There was stenciling tees, there was spray practice, and of course, the painting of the mural. With spray cans in hand, the Splunk team painted a piece that was definitely “greater than”, ^_^.

A big thanks to Christina N. and Jeff I. from Splunk for coordinating the workshop with 1AM and thank you Splunk team for being such an awesome team to work with! Click here to check out more pics of their workshop.

Interested in hosting a dope graffiti workshop for your team? Contact Class Director Gina at: gina@1amsf.com.

Splunk mural!