Who are they and what world do they live in?

Walk into an era where its human vs machine: Gaby and her troop of freedom fighters, The Rusted Souls, are seeking to eliminate the Mech tyrant order of robots, who torture and enslave disobeying humans. The story starts in the Utopian era, where technological advances led to the development of the artificially intelligent Mech robots. Soon, the Darkest Days fell upon Earth as the Mechs (termed “The Gress”) started enslaving and killing humans, following their plan to create their own “Utopia.”

"The Victor" by Emerson Tung

The Rusted Souls” is a Sci-fi exhibit including a variety of works such as paintings, drawings, musical installations, and digital prints all inspired by a proposed film narrative by James Garcia, curator of The Rusted Souls and featured artist.

In the show you will see work by Eve Skylar, giving the viewer an idea of the utopian and apocalyptic settings where the story takes place. In addition, there are character portraits and in-action portrayals of The Rusted Souls by James Garcia, Emerson Tung, Jesse Hernandez, Karlo Santa Ana, Christopher De Leon, Jeremy Sorrell and Ivera Pennant. A third set of works showcases the Mechs and other robots in digital prints by Dino Ignacio, acrylic/oil paintings by Christopher De Leon and more!  Two hands-on sound installations by Pu22l3 are featured on the walls that visitors can tinker with to give out different electronic noises.

So come to 1AM, make your own electronic noises and check out the art!