Who is Gaby?

Gaby is an orphaned 12-year-old girl surviving in a future apocalyptic world where robots (the Mechs) slaughter and retrain any humans against them. Orphaned when her two freedom fighter parents were killed, Gaby then stumbled on a refugee camp. There she was mentored by an elderly woman with the abilities to disrupt time and space. Now with her extra-sensory powers, martial arts training and her troop, The Rusted Souls, Gaby plans to lead humanity back from the darkness and kill all robots in her way!

"Gaby in Exo-Suit" by James Garcia














A digital print by James Garcia featuring young Gaby in her Exo-Suit.

"Gaby" by Jesse Hernandez

“Gaby” by Jesse Hernandez with pencil and blue line, showing a detailed, more animated version of Gaby.

"Gaby by Jeremy Sorrell












“Gaby” by Jeremy Sorrell. A more realistic portrayal of Gaby, made with acrylic and watercolor.

"Rise Above" by Christopher De Leon














“Rise Above” by Christopher De Leon. Christopher aims to capture her attitude. He was one amongst the many who portrayed Gaby at different ages.

"Gaby & M2" by Karlo Santa Ana














“Gaby & M2” by Karlo Santa Ana shows a younger version of Gaby in her futuristic M2 fighter vehicle.

These are just a few of the artworks of Gaby in The Rusted Souls exhibit. The show runs until May 6th, so don’t be afraid to come and check them all out!