The whole world is watching Facebook’s IPO day unfold.  Offered at $38 at the opening bell, will they reach their estimated company valuation of $137 billion at day’s end?  Unlike everyone else, we are not going to count up how many more millions of dollars these investors and employees are going to have, rather we are going to take a look back at where they were before they were millionaires.

Facebook Corporate Workshop @ 1:AM Gallery - June 9th, 2010

Before Facebook-ers were rolling in the benjamins, they were getting their paint on with us, at 1AM.

Facebook Workshop - June 9th, 2010


Despite the speculation that most of Facebookers new found wealth will be used to start new businesses or drive the real estate prices to even more astronomical levels in the Bay, we hope that they continue to stay creative and support the urban arts.  Having commissioned murals by David Choe and Jet Martinez adorning their office walls and graffiti workshops as their corporate offsite, makes Facebook-ers super cool in our book, regardless of their millions.

Congratulations to Facebook!  You lucky bastards.