In “MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE“, our current custom vinyl toy show, curators James Brown and Manny Rivas scoured the world; through KidRobot forums, toy communities and more to gather the most innovative toy customizing artists. In this show, we have artists from Switzerland, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, England, Canada, Poland, and throughout the U.S. It is no small feat to gather together 30 artists from across the world to convene in one location for an ultimate, custom vinyl toy show, but Manny and James did it!

What’s amazing is that each toy is completely different from the next- ranging from a Dunny with Christmas lights out of its ears that actually plug in, to fuzzy bats, Matryoshka doll themed toys, monsters, skulls, cavemen toys, samurais, and even miniature 49ers and Raiders toys! It’s one of the biggest shows on the West Coast featuring a huge variety of customized toys from international and local artists. But it wouldn’t have happened without the collaborative efforts of our two curators: Manny Rivas and James Brown. Stay tuned for their interviews!

MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE” will be open until June 10th, 2012. To purchase toys from the show, click here.