Galaxy Frankenstein Toy-SF

"Galaxy Frankenstein" by Christopher Moore

Curator James Brown (a.k.a. anubis2night) has been a part of the toy customizing scene for many years- from customizing toys and sculpting his own designs to curating, James has spent a large portion of his time in the pursuit of his toy love. We look forward to the next show with him!

Can you tell me about what else you are doing in the future?

Well I’m working on another 3A custom show and I really want to bring the world of 1:6 customizers out to the western world, that’s something of a passion of mine. 1:6 toys have a rich history and as part of the designer toy world they were one of the first toys to really break into the scene but they’ve largely been something we’ve seen in the East (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and a few other places) at most we’ve seen a strong presence of 1:6 figures as military toys or 1:6 movie collectibles, but I’ve seen artists with strong creative vision and know that there is definitely a whole level of depth that has yet to be seen creatively.

Whats your history with customizing toys?

I’ve always had a thing for customizing my own toys a bit, I was always one that didn’t have too many new toys but when I did get them I tried to keep them as nice as I could. Of course when you have friends over to play, toys tend to get broken and when that happened I would set out to make something new with them. At other times I just had a story in my head I wanted to tell- I might need a Iron Maiden torture device for some toys or a grappling hook or a cyborg for my Star Wars figures to fight against. All of that would have to be made by me.

How did you get into curating vinyl toy shows?

I’ve worked with 1AM before with the 3A “I Am Legion” show and had a blast working with over 50 artists from 11 countries. The ability to be able to have a project that spans that sort of distance and brings varying artists from different fields together is just exciting to me. Plus it’s great fun to bring a few artists together who you feel might compliment each other and get them to collaborate on a project.

How did you decide who to include in the show and where did you find all the artists?

Well for some of the artists I had worked with them before in my prior 3A show, and I knew some from Manny’s work with them in the Most Wanted series. I knew Manny’s stable of artists were some of the best in the world and couldn’t wait to see what they could come up with.

What they came up with is one of the most innovative collections of toy we’ve seen, click here to see them!
MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE” is open until this Sunday, June 10th.