Sean Barton and Michael Walsh with the fam at the opening of "It's a Long Way to the Top".

Last Friday, 1AM opened their newest show, “It’s a Long Way to the Top” . The exhibit showcases a unique variety of work in multiple mediums- spanning from 3D printed nylon sculpture to gold leafed sign imagery by Sean Barton and Michael Walsh.  Fans and art collectors were fascinated by the craftsmanship and originality of their work.

Thank you to all the friends, family and supporters that came through for the opening!  “It’s a Long Way to the Top” is now up through July 15th.  You haven’t had a chance to visit yet, come on by and check it out!

Sculpture 2 by Michael Walsh, taking graffiti to the next level

They don't make 'em like the use to! Sign painter, Sean Barton, shows his craft.