Oakland-based artist Michael Walsh from this month’s show, “It’s A Long Way To The Top“, has been in over 22 shows around the world- it’s been a long way to the top, and he’s still going!

Graffiti-inspired sculpture by Michael Walsh, "Turbo-glyph 2"

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he started with graffiti, he’s worked with a variety of mediums for the last 20 years including paint, interior design, and sculpture. He has also exhibited with a variety of artists throughout his career such as: Delta, aka Boris Tellegen, Stephen Powers, Sean Barton, Other, Calma, Labrona, Zilon, Ryan Mackeen, Maya Hayuk, Blade, Louise Bourgeois, Sinisa Kukec, and more.

Michael has spoken at the Ramapo College of New Jersey, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, and the Andy Warhol Museum. In addition, he has been featured in The History of American Graffiti,” “Pound Magazine,” “Graffiti World,” andThe Toronto Star,” to name a few. In 2001, he had the honor to unveil one of his sculptures at the Carnegie Museum’s International Sculpture Conference.

Michael has been working on an ongoing visual dialogue that begins with the movement, line, and composition of his graffiti art roots but transcends this by pushing forward into a group of objects that have yet to find classification. He expands from the metal sculpture he is most known for in his recent works to include a wide assortment of materials including, but not limited, to polystyrene, resin, acrylic, plaster, enamel and, most recently, 3D computer printing.

He strives to combine the essence of the graffiti letter with contemporary and modern sculptural influences. More than that, he is proud of his home town and the continuation of metal work and welding here in the U.S. His current project of a ginormous metal piece for Burning Man in his studio, American Steel Studios, combines the efforts and talents of local workers and artists and will no doubt blow the boundaries of just how big they can get! He wants to go bigger, posing the question: why outsource to foreign countries to build

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It’s A Long Way To The Top“, featuring Michael Walsh and Sean Barton will be exhibiting until July 15th. Click here to see pricing of the art.