Trending worldwide, Jurne‘s work is a head-turner. With such fine finesse at screen-printing and his notoriously detailed writing and characters, Jurne’s prints are more than just something to look at- as a recent buyer says “I’m only halfway done reading through the print!” Jurne fans are everywhere and we are definitely one of them!

Limited Edition Print by Jurne, "You Get To Decide"

Limited Edition Print by Jurne, "Mars"

Limited Edition Print by Jurne, "Explore"

Being featured on sites such as,,,,, and even abroad, Jurne knows no bounds and is making it everywhere! He recently stopped by 1AM to drop off a collection of new, limited edition prints and we are stoked! We barely got two of each and they’re already selling. Positioned in the store side of our gallery since its recent construction, they are all up and available to be viewed!
Jurne‘s art can be seen in many of our shows, including: the Print Show, the Truck Show, Outside In, Outside In 2, and on Tee’s here at 1AM.

To purchase work by Jurne, click here.
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