It’s A Long Way To

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The Top” has been attracting passersby all month with its neon orange signs and fluorescent pink plexiglass sculptures! People have marveled at the work, questioning the process of how the art is made. As one visitor notes: “I’ve really seen a progression of the quality of art going up in the gallery lately, this stuff is dope and I can’t wait to see what the next shows will be!”
"No Dumping III" by Sean Barton "3D Print 4" by Michael Walsh

It’s A Long Way To The Top” has filled our new gallery space with large, metal, polystyrene, and cast plaster sculptures, 18-24 kt gold leaf signage, humor, and intrigue. It’s introduced our gallery visitors to both new and old processes of making art such as 3D printing by Michael Walsh and reverse angel gilded imagery on glass by Sean Barton. Both artists have been in the game for a few decades and are veterans with handling a variety of materials and creating art with careful finesse. They don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Michael Walsh just recently dived into a large metal project for Burning Man measuring 23′ x 18′ x 17′ tall with the ability to spin from kinetic energy applied by willing participants. It’s called the Cosmic Carousel, being created in American Steel Studios in Oakland, and currently fund raised through Click here if you are interested in helping sponsor it! Meanwhile, Sean Barton keeps busy at his studio up in Seattle when he’s not traveling around the world. No doubt we’ll be seeing much more of their art in the future but don’t miss this current show!

It’s A Long Way To The Top” ends Saturday, July 14th. To purchase pieces, click here or email info@1AMSF.COM.