“The Artist will always be beyond a Label” says Poesia, host of Graffuturism.com and featured artist in this month’s show “The Composite Knowledge“, curated by Mike “BAM” Tyau. Complex Magazine put Poesia in the top 25 Most Important Artists of 2012 (So Far), and coined Graffuturism.com as one of the best graffiti blogs. Detail of Work by Poesia Poesia Painting 1AM Mural Image Credit: Scott La Rockwell

“Poesia is a self-taught San Francisco Bay Area artist predominantly known for his early 90′s graffiti murals. Recently, his work has transitioned from abstract graffiti towards a more evolved version of his past letter based work. Poesia’s work explodes with color and form creating a cryptic version of his wall work. Layers upon layers of paint, Poesia is able to build a deep dialogue between fine art and graffiti with his pieces.” Excerpt of biography from Mike Tyau.

The Composite Knowledge” runs until August 18th.
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