Finally, we have collaborated with teacher Lily Black and manifested an idea just for our Toy Mod students! Creating a toy in a few hours is a ridiculous feat, so we’ve decided to break up the class into two parts, actually, more than two! For one price, you get the introduction class to become acquainted with the materials and introduced to the production process of customizing toys. Leaving class with an abundance of knowledge and your head spinning with ideas, you then have time to create your toy but it doesn’t end there!
Created by Lily Black Created by Lily Black Customized toys by teacher Lily Black.

Every other month, we have a follow-up session where toy mod students all come together to brainstorm, share their creations, problem-solve, and pick Lily’s brain for advice and ideas to launch their next project! We want to encourage our students to create and we hope this will inspire them to fulfill their creative projects. Stay tuned for a future blog featuring photos of in progress and completed toys from the follow-up sessions on our site!

The next class takes place August 18th, click here to sign up!
Can’t wait to see what our students will make!