We are inviting you to romp in the magical world of Bode! Da “Bode’s Cartoon Concert” is back this Friday, September 21st, at 7pm! We couldn’t get enough of the world created by Mark Bode and Metal Man Ed so we’re throwing a show where the most “outrageous, erotic, and mind-boggling” cartoon adventures come to life, projected on the walls and complete with Bode’s voice-overs saying all the wild, inappropriate things you wish you could!
Bode's Cartoon Concert Vaughn Bode started the first “Bode’s Cartoon Concert” in the early 70’s and Mark has continued to keep the legacy alive. This week he’ll be searching amongst his father’s epic slide collection to compile a personal, once in a lifetime show. It will be the last night to see METALMORPHOSIS– don’t miss the chance to purchase and take home your own character (whether you’re into broads, Cheech Wizards, butterflies, lizards or Cobalt 60 himself, we won’t judge!).

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. Limited seats! 18 plus only.
Interested in purchasing art from the show? Email info(at)1AMSF.com.