This year, fresh artist Monty Guy has finally pursued his art career by kicking off with exhibitions at Wonderland SF, Modern Eden, Fabric 8, and a couple one night shows at Minna Gallery. His concept for tattooed children is to emulate someone’s inner child as a bad ass. Monty brazenly says “I don’t have the balls to tattoo my face in actual life, so I paint myself as a gangster child with the tattoos I’m too much a sissy to get done. And I also like the juxtaposition of the innocence of a child with the hardcore nature of tattoos.” "Hemingway" by Monty Guy "City Slicka" by Monty Guy “Sergeant Schulz is based off of a drunken sailor friend of mine who has a huge personality and loves scotch (he has the word tattooed on the inside of his lip). City Slicka is based off of a friend that is a Mission native, loves the Giants, fighting, and drinking, and has the words “city slicka” tattooed on his forearms.” Monty has only been painting with acrylic on birch for about two or three months, with around 12 pieces to date. The Van Gogh and Hemingway paintings are the first two of a series he plans on doing to pay homage to influential artists with the same mindset of being a hard ass child.

Reckoning” will be showing until October 27th.