1AM is proud to announce that Jurne will be a part of our new staff of teachers alongside Vogue TDK, Nate1 and Lily Black. Jurne’s first Stencil Class will be this Saturday, October 27th, so grab a spot if your free! Jurne’s been blowing up with his press for our collaboration Pocket Change mural, his recent trip to New Zealand as judge for the Southside Arts Festival, and his upcoming show in NY at Klughaus Gallery. We’re stoked for him to be part of 1AM! Stencil Class with Jurne Join Jurne this Saturday to learn the craft of Stenciling! Can’t make it this Saturday?
Jurne will also be teaching Stencil Class Saturday, November 17th, and the Art of Graffiti Intro Class December 1st. For more information, email classes(at)1AMSF.com.