People are already starting to ask about our upcoming classes and we finally have the schedule! But first, a little snapshot from some of our past students: Mural Production Class in San Francisco
This quarter we’ll be hosting the:
Art of Graffiti Series – a fun series of three classes aimed at: developing your style, learning the tricks and art of how to use a spray can, and designing

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your own outside piece! Learn from the best: Jurne, Vogue & Nate!
Stencil Class – an introductory class about the art and how-to of creating a stencil from start to finish!
Starting A Small Creative Business Class – a beginner’s guide on how to start your endeavor and all the important steps to beginning your own creative business, with one-on-one Q&A at the end!
Toy Modification Class – an informational based class on the tools of the trade of toy customization and how to create your wildest characters!

Sign up now! Email for further questions!