Check out the interview below with Christopher de Leon about his show “Street Dreams”:

The All-American Dream by Christopher de LeonHow did you two meet and decide to show together?

I met Eric a few years ago via Instagram. Liked his work and he always seemed down to help out with a show I was putting on here at 1AM.

Why did you choose to use pyrography (wood burning) in your works?
Pyrography is something I’ve messed around with for sometime. I’ve always wanted an chance to produce a full show with the medium. It’s a medium that is also rarely seen and done at the level that I’m trying to reach with it. In all honesty, I just like it.
What is the weirdest/craziest/most interesting interaction you’ve had with the homeless community?
Most craziest moment I’ve had with a homeless person is when I first moved here. I gave half of my subway sandwich to a guy asking for money and he took the sandwich and threw it across the street. he said he asked for “a fucking dollar and not a sandwich.”
What is your creative process, from the first inspiration for the show to the final product?

I think being surrounded by the homeless on the daily, I became pretty indifferent to their situation.  They became part of the environment. The show hit home for me when I got word that my mother had a combination stroke and heart attack. I flew out to Hawaii to see her and found out she had been living as a homeless person. It changed my perspective on how I viewed them.

Much of the work in the show is portraiture. Were you able to meet/converse with any of your subjects?

Most of my portraits were from secret photos taken while on my daily routes to work. I only interacted with the people I tried to get signs from.

After doing the show and gaining insight into this particular population, has your perception of the homeless community changed?


What do you hope the show inspires in its audience?

Compassion towards your fellow man/woman.

Street Dreams” will be running from February 15th through March 16th. For more information, email