We are so excited for BASK (a.k.a. Ales Hostomsky) who just had his work featured in Iron Man 3! HOLLA! Just about the coolest commission

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evah! He got an email from a friend saying that she needed some street art for a back drop for one of the films she was working on… which just happened to be Iron Man 3! And if that wasn’t rad enough, Robert Downing, Jr. himself said he wanted BASK’s work, specifically, in the film. “I started tripping over myself to get to the phone,” Bask says. He was asked to do a recreation of his 2004 painting, When It Rains, It Pours for Tony Stark’s laboratory as well as 13 other paintings to adorn the Mandarin’s lair, Stark’s media-manipulating nemesis played by none other than Ben Kingsley.

1AM Gallery will be hosting a BASK solo show called “Übermensch” which depicts children painted as superheroes using a street and urban art aesthetic. Growing up, the concept of GOD as a form of salvation seemed foreign, however, like many of us, the thought of obtaining a super power and becoming a super-man or ““Übermensch” as termed by Friedrich Nietzsche, was something he could relate to. BASK’s paintings of children’s costumes juxtaposed with the iconic comic book images of his youth remind us of the fantastical imaginings of being super heroes that we used as an escape from the trial and tribulations of our childhood. This concept and fresh street aesthetic is what landed him Robert Downing, Jr’s endorsement for Iron Man 3. Check out BASK’s original artwork for the film here.

WHEN IT RAINS: The Iron Man 3 crew installs Bask’s recreation of his 2004 painting “When It Rains, It Pours.”

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS: The Iron Man 3 crew installs Bask’s recreation of his 2004 painting “When It Rains, It Pours.”

BASK "Übermensch"

BASK "Übermensch"

Of the 13 paintings in the Mandarin’s hideout seven were recreations of past paintings chosen from Bask’s online gallery, three paintings were based on the film’s graphics (provided by the production team), and three were completely original new works of Bask’s making from concept to execution. “Nobody ever edited me, nobody said no. They just wound me up and let me go. Later I found out it was because of [Robert Downey, Jr.’s] endorsement,” Bask says. He even recorded a conversation with Downey as bonus material for the DVD! For more info about how BASK landed the spotlight in Iron Man 3, check out this article.

You can’t miss seeing his work in person. BASK will be showing from July 5th through August 3rd. For more information or to be part of the preview, email maya@1AMSF.com.