We would like to take a moment to remember a great man who exercised the First Amendment right of free speech to the fullest – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – humanitarian, organizer, activist, pastor, husband, father, and civil rights leader. It was Dr. King’s belief in the power of words that led to the practice of nonviolent protests by the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and 1960s in the United States. It was this practice of nonviolent protests and organizing that made Dr. King the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 1964. Mahatma Gandhi was another great figure of social justice through nonviolent disobedience. Dr. King was inspired greatly by Gandhi, and in turn King’s work inspired South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. Words, spoken or written, have great power. There have been many in history who have shown us what this power can do. So we honor them and all of those who believe in the power of the word, and use it for the equality of all!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.