1AM is excited to introduce a brand new contest that, staying true to the First Amendment, will provide a public space for the community of artists to submit their pieces while engaging in a topic of importance. This is your opportunity to not only have your work featured and win some cool prizes, your piece will play a direct role in engaging the community and encouraging discussion around relevant issues. Read more to learn how you can become the winning artist! The winning sketch artist will also take home a $50 gift certificate to our store!


We have chosen the topic of “Freedom of Speech” for the first installment of this project. The First Amendment protects the freedom of expression, of press, of assembly, and of free speech. This amendment has significantly changed the lives of countless people over time. In respect of this freedom, and our history in San Francisco, we have chosen this topic to launch our monthly contest. So please sketch your creative interpretations of “Freedom of Speech” and send them in! We look forward to seeing them all.


1AM, short for first amendment, represents the freedom of speech through our street art exhibitions, walls, and classes. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are passionate about continually striving to progress street art culture and education, while creating a community of artists, fans and like-minded organizations.


Holding true to the first amendment, we are excited to launch a new series of monthly sketchbook contests that are centered around important issues. We are asking for artists to submit a black and white sketch or design that is based on the monthly topic. After we have received all entries, we will display the finalists for public voting. The winner’s submission will be adapted by one of our artists and a team of class alumni volunteers into a mural that will be painted in full color on our outdoor gallery wall in downtown San Francisco.


We believe that art and creative expression in public space can generate meaningful thoughts, discussions, and spaces of learning. From this monthly contest we hope to bring important issues to light in a creative way, publically, and with the intention to open lines of dialogue.


The most important part of this contest is that we are relying on YOU – our wonderful and talented community – to submit your ideas and help choose a winner! Together we can create, learn, and share around topics that mean the most to us. We look forward to receiving your submissions and hearing your thoughts. Now let’s see those skills!


Submission Rules

  • The competition is open to artists of all ages and is FREE to enter.
  • One submission is allowed per artist.
  • Group collaboration submissions will not be accepted.
  • Sketches and images are required to be black and white only, and on 8 ½” x 11” sized paper.
  • Please scan or photograph your image, save it as a JPEG or PDF (no larger than 5mb), and attach it to an email for submission. This is the only way to submit your work! NO WALK IN SUBMISSIONS. Keep in mind that low light, blurry scans and pictures of your work may hurt your chance of winning.
  • In addition to the scanned image, please include your name (as you would like displayed) and contact information (for our communication purposes with you).
  • Email submissions to: broadcast@1amsf.com
  • Submission DUE DATE: May 29th.


Selection + Voting Process

  • From the total number of submissions received by 1AM, a group of finalists will be selected by our staff to be voted upon.
  • The final voting of the top works will take place online through our website (www.1amsf.com), and in our store where the pieces will be on display for in-store voting.
  • Each person will be able to cast only 1 vote both online and instore.
  • To ensure a fair process, no submissions will be shared by us until the voting is finalized.
  • After 7 days, the votes of both the online and in-store groups will be tallied and compared. In the event of a tie between the the 2 groups, a final vote by the 1AM staff will take place. The winner will be immediately contacted by us and announced on our social media.


Painting Process

  • The winning image will be adapted by one of our 1AM artists and a team of 1AM class alumni into a full color mural that will be painted on our outdoor wall – 8’ x 15’
  • The winning artist is welcomed to participate in the production of their winning image. However, due to submissions coming in from outside of the Bay Area, not all winning artists may be able to be a part of the mural production.

For more information, email: broadcast@1amsf.com