At the young age of 13, the talented Mario Martinez aka MARS-1 began to write graffiti in his hometown of Fresno, CA, and later attended art school at San Francisco Art Institute. He continues to reside here in SF and stays active in the city’s contemporary art community. He is known for vast landscapes usually containing a world of their own. His abstracted, quasi-extraterrestrial paintings exhibit surreal imagery of imaginative colorful compositions filled with geometric and organic shapes which he also forms into unique patterns and textures, transporting the viewer into a new  world where the interpretations are limitless. Check out our new LIMITED EDITION high-quality Giclée prints on decked watercolor paper from MARS-1,  featured in our boutique and on our online store. Supplies are very limited, so don’t wait to snag one up!Wormhole by Mars-1Ascender by Mars-1Find more prints here! For further inquiries, email