As a part of PangeaSeed, the Sea Walls project has been bringing attention to the degradation of our ocean and costal environments to people around the world by way of large mural paintings, indoor gallery shows, events, information and conversation. PangeaSeed isĀ an international organization who collaborates with members of the art, science, and environmental activist communities. They are dedicated to raising public awareness and education surrounding oceanic protection and understanding.

PangeaSeed Presents – Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – Mexico Expedition: Isla Mujeres 2014 from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

The Sea Walls project aims to bring the oceans to inner cities around the world. By painting large murals with inspirational and educational messages, the hope is to reconnect city residents with the beauty and plight of our oceans. Sea Walls is currently in San Diego, CA, and fifteen street artists have been invited to paint murals addressing the topic of the modern tuna fishing industry. Here is the Australian street artist, Fintan Magee‘s, wall entitled “Hunger.”

Fintan Magee - Hunger

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