A tribute mural to the 43 disappeared students in Mexico was recently painted by Argentinean artist, Ever on the streets of Ciudad Juarez. The mural, employing Ever’s usual vibrant colors and human figures, pays homage to the student group whose bus went missing on September 26th in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. Governmental statements have said that the students’ bus was stopped by local police on their way to a protest in the town of Iguala, when they were handed over to the drug cartel, Guerreros Unidos. After that many reports, stories, and speculations have surfaced as to what has happened to the students. The truth is still being called for by parents of the disappeared and others outraged by the event.


Ever has been traveling and painting around the world for years now, and we have loved seeing his large-scale, compelling imagery develop! He often paints images that touch on power, nationalism, and the oppressed. With rising protests and calling for answers from Mexican government by tens of thousands of protesters and activists around Mexico, we hope that Ever’s mural and other’s art can raise awareness to this horrific incident.