Prolific New York based street artist and realist painter, Dan Witz, recently completed two large paintings for Urban Nation Project M/6, curated by Jonathan LeVine. In his photorealistic style and the his familiar imagery of figures behind bars and grates, Witz has brought attention to detention, incarceration, and notions of freedom through his pieces for the show.

Dan Witz 2 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven

You cannot look into the history of street art without coming across Witz, with him beginning his street art career in the 1970s. This street art pioneer has remained active since – legally and illegally – on the street and off. We applaud Witz’s continual addressing of social issues with his artwork!

Dan Witz 1 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven


These pieces, in particular, reminded us of this incredible collaborative project he was a part of with Amnesty International in 2013 – Wailing Walls: Against Injustice. Take a look!