San Francisco-Street Art and Social Change

Blu in Sucre, Bolivia.


Legendary Italian street artist, Blu, has been traveling and painting in South and North America this last February. The artist began his career by painting graffiti in the city of Bologna, Italy, in the late 90x. He later began to experiment with more image based large-scale work with the use of telescopic rollers and house paint. His work has often been political and connected to communities in struggle. Blu created two large murals in the countries of Bolivia and Mexico. Both walls question the motives of the governments, with corruption being tied to corporate greed, the illegal drug industry, and putting monetary value before the people. His piece in Bolivia shows how the current government places money before the people on the scales of justice. His piece in Mexico shows how lucrative monetary ties to the United States, the drug industry and violence are protected by the Mexican government. We love the work of Blu, and especially his intention of using his art for social change!


Blu starting the wall in Bolivia.

Blu in Mexico City.

Blu in progress painting in Mexico City.