As an independent binational art project, El Mac has finished two large murals in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuaha and El Paso, Texas. The LA based artist draws influence from the Chicano and Mexican cultures he grew up with. These influences are clear in his work, which he creates using contemporary graffiti and photorealism techniques. Mac worked tirelessly to complete these works, with the help of his comrade, David ‘Grave‘ Herrera. His signature, ripple-like effect of painting, is achieved by using only fat caps on his spray paint cans, and meticulous precision. For these two walls he painted on either side of the US/Mexico border, he focused his work on those who have been caught in the violence of the borderlands. His piece in Ciudad Juárez, entitled “Juarense y Poderosa,” is of a young woman named Diana who lost her mother to kidnapping.


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His piece across the border in El Paso, entitled “Ánimo Sin Fronteras,” is of a man named Melchor, whose son was disappeared by corrupt police.

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These walls represent the countless others who have been affected by the injustices and violence of the corrupt United States and Mexican governments. “I felt a responsibility to paint these murals, to create images of inspiration and empowerment. In my own small way, with my own voice and platform, I hope to honor those that have suffered the effects of this ongoing injustice.” – El Mac

(video shot and edited by Eric Heights)

(images via El Mac)