Ron English 1

(photo © Jaime Rojo)

At the legendary Houston Bowery Wall in New York City, prolific street art figure, Ron English, has completed his most recent large-scale mural which holds a mirror up to mass consumer America. English’s child Hulk figure, Temper Tot, is centered in the piece, with the American flag behind him. Though the flag is not its normal tri-color form. Upon closer inspection, your eyes traverse along the red and white stripes to find them made of  dozens of English’s POPaganda imagery – mashups of pop-culture imagery, between the highs and the lows, the goods and the bads. Images used to make up the stripes include Diabetic Coke adverts, Kid Kool’s Nicotine Enriched Candied Cigarettes, American Depress credit cards and other subversive images that jab at America’s unhealthy sociocultural addictions and their disastrous effects. English has mastered the use of this kind of imagery, with his refined painting skills and use of humor to pack a hard-hitting punch to current cultural norms. Also noteworthy of this piece (going back to its location at the Houston Bowery Wall), is that English’s mocking imagery of American capitalism and greed is exactly what has pushed out the original artists that made the legendary wall what it is now. Gentrification has all but wiped out the neighborhood that nurtured the Houston Bowery Wall, which has displayed works by some of the greatest figures in the history of the street art movement: Keith Haring, Os Gemeos, Faile, JR, Scharf, HowNosm, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, and Barry MacGee.

Ron English 2 Ron English 3

Ron English 5

(photo © Jaime Rojo) 

(awareness via street art news. all photos by Jamie Rojo)