1 Photo by Mario Stavrou

Artist Paparazzi. Photo by Mario Stavrou

The horrific April 25th 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal has reached a death toll of over 7,ooo people, with double that seriously injured. The event has caught the attention and hearts of the world. Aid, charity, assistance and prayers are flooding into the region. One artist, Paparazzi, from Cyprus, sent out his good wishes with this large wall he painted. The image of a Nepalese woman with her child on her back comes with the statement from the artist, “You are not alone.”

The World Food Program warns 1.4 million people require emergency food assistance, and the United Nations estimates 1.3 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The quake opened massive rifts in roads and destroyed historic structures, including the 19th century Dharahara Tower in the capital Kathmandu, centuries old structures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites were demolished, and hundreds of thousands are left homeless. Sad too, within the street art world, was that Nepal was beginning to percolate with murals in recent years. In the capital city of Katmandu, a mural district was emerging with several mural campaigns in recent years like Kolor Kathmandu, and Artlab’s PRASAD project (“gracious gift” in Sanskrit).

A LOT of help is needed for Nepal and its people! Here are some ways you can help: