Photo by Falk Lehmann

Prolific German duo, Herakut, were recently painting in their home country, in the capital city of Berlin. The woman (Hera) and man (Akut) team creates beautiful collaborative works that combine styles of drippy color fields with photorealistic aspects. The final result are images of childlike figures with strikingly lifelike eyes, plants, animals, dreamy landscapes and poetic messages. The team has been painting together since 2004 and are one of the most recognizable partnerships in the street art world today. What brings them to our focus this week is this piece, which like many of theirs, has social and environmental meaning embedded within it. For Herakut, their work is all about storytelling. The sentence, “If I Knew The World Ended Tomorrow, I’d Still Plant An Apple Tree”, is written in 20 languages throughout the piece, with a motherlike figure and two children with trees as hair. The image and text seem to be addressing a future unknown, with the possibility of peril, but where love still exists.

1 Photo by Aurelio Schrei

Photo by Aurelio Schrei

Herakut 2

Photo by -lucky cat-

The massive wall was painted as a part of the One Wall Project by URBAN NATION, and for Herakut’s upcoming show “Displaced Thoughts”, which opens this weekend (Saturday May 16th) at Urban Nation’s studio space in Berlin. Made by Herakut and aptART, Displaced Thoughts is a collection of paintings, photographs and installations highlighting the work of individuals and organizations across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Through the work of individuals and organizations Displaced Thoughts provides a platform for ideas and insights into the conflicts and refugee crises currently affecting humanity. The exhibition explores the placement of resources, intentions and perspectives from individuals as well as international media, aid agencies and governments. While raising difficult issues, the art inspires optimism for a new generation, one that is not divided by ignorance but unified by respect for humanity. URBAN NATION aims to bring together artists that shape and enrich urban spaces in neighborhoods in every corner of the world and around the globe. It is a unique vision with the goal to support renowned and up-and-coming contemporary artists alike as well as cities and their inhabitants. By hosting workshops, events and exhibitions in a non-profit public space, it promotes community, participation and creative exchange.


Photo by Falk Lehmann