The continually producing and traveling legendary French stencil artist, C215, just finished producing a number of works on the streets of Rabat, Morocco. Given name, Christian Guémy, has been painting strong in the streets for over 20 years and is undoubtably one of the most recognizable street artists in the world. In Rabat, he is a part of the upcoming group show titled “Main Street” at the Museum Mohamed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art, organized by Print Them All. C215 has a poetic, humble, dignified, and touchingly human style to his work. He truly believes that painting in the streets can change the world. Him painting in the streets is him changing the city. This upcoming show in Morocco is in a major museum and C215 regularly has indoor shows around the world, however, for his fame he is undoubtably one of the most active street artists still producing unsanctioned works in public. He “leaves tracks”, painting where he goes and not going to a place to paint – a distinction he makes clear. He also enjoys producing small works that can be passed by if wanted and are not intrusive.


c215-morocco03 c215-morocco04


Central to C215’s work is the representation of the often marginalized, hidden, or overlooked in society today. “I try to interact with context, so I place in the streets elements and characters that belong especially to the streets. I like to show things and people that society aims at keeping hidden: homeless people, smokers, street kids, bench lovers for example.” He is a true street artist, who brings art to the people in public spaces for free. He holds a mirror up to the world and shines light on the average person with his art. Seeing one of his small, vibrant, detailed stencils on the street can bring a moment of joy and humility for those who come upon it. Almost a reward for those who are aware of their surroundings and looking for creation in the streets. Catch C215 at 1AM Gallery in September.


(images from Street Art News)