Polish artist, Sepe, is known for his thought provoking murals which almost always have some kind of cultural or historical link to their place of creation. The artist is a graduate of the Academy of Art in Warsaw, but has always had a strong presence in the street. With large solo walls and collaborations with some of the best artists in the world, he has a way of painting toward local histories while raising attention toward current issues. This mural was just completed for his upcoming show at Lawrence Alkin Gallery in London and is titled “The Golden Age of Grotesque” (the same title as show). In this piece, Sepe has painted two characters wearing masks and clown-like costumes – a metaphoric way of looking at individuals and the presentation of self in the modern world. Like his powerful street work, this show is holding a mirror up to society and questioning the individual and the roles we play in the modern world:

“Sepe notices that individuality is on the verge of extinction – as if today’s humans existed only within a group, and defined themselves solely through assimilation. In his work the individual is being unceasingly tested, like a crash test dummy in a tunnel. Individually we feel the pressure which is only lifted when we succumb to the force of the crowd.

The world as seen by the artist is not necessarily a reassuring place. Sepe’s works are a summing-up of the human condition and the state of the world – or perhaps even a warning about the place we are heading towards. Are we willing to hear that voice?”


Sepe has not only shown his talents as an artist, but also in critiquing important issues in the world today. This is the important role of artists, and what many believe they are here to do in the world – to critique and question through thought and creation. It has been wonderful to watch this artist develop and nurture these talents over the years. We are looking forward to seeing what comes next from him!