As the world watches the economic negotiations happening in Greece, the masterful artist, WD (Wild Drawing) gives voice to the silenced with his mural entitled “No Land for the Poor”. With cut backs in the public sector, closing businesses, and an unemployment rate of at least 25%, Greece is in dire straights. Greece is now in it’s third bailout in five years and only time will tell how this recent deal may help. Some of those hardest hit by this economic reality in Greece are artists, and they have been doing what they are good at – raising awareness and asking questions through acts of creation. Street artists have been voicing their opinion on the Greek financial crisis for years now, and most recently WD has added to the conversation with this mural in Athens. This colorfully vibrant and illustrative piece was completed in four days with a telescopic roller by the artist. With the written quote, “Dedicated to the poor and homeless here & around the globe”, WD connects the Greek struggle with similar struggles around the world. Perhaps the artist (who is based in Athens, by the way) is using his work to show what some economists, activists, philosophers and political commentators are saying is a growing distrust of capitalism. We look forward to seeing what WD brings next!

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