faith47 - lay your weapons down, nyc 2015

South African artist, Faith47, has just completed a large mural on the streets of New York City, entitled “Lay Your Weapons Down”. Painted on the side of a four-story building, the South African artist adorned the facade with this image of a couple in an intimate embrace. One of the world’s most recognized female artists, Faith47 steers her work toward issues of social justice with imagery that is loaded with symbolism and meaning. Much of her work touches on women’s rights, and social and political concerns. With her muted color schemes, Faith47’s murals can be unintrusive or deeply felt by passersby, inviting moments of poetic heartfelt reflection. She has the powerful ability to provoke questioning of our social reality and the complexities of the human condition. Take a moment and let this recent mural of her’s wash over you and see what comes from it. That is the intent of her work – to stir feelings with the hopes of making the world a better place. It’s always a pleasure to see new work from the talented, Faith47!

faith47 - lay your weapons down, 1 nyc 2015

faith47 - lay your weapons down, 2 nyc 2015