Photographer and wheatpasting artist, Jetsonorama, recently completed this mural with the help and collaboration of Jess X Chen, in New York City. The wall is a tribute to the African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist, Sojourner Truth. The inspirational piece was created as part of the O+ Festival – Kingston, NY. Sojourner was born into slavery in Kingston County, NY in 1797 but escaped to freedom with her infant daughter in 1826. The images were painted on giant pieces of paper and then pasted onto the wall by the two artists. To celebrate the contributions of Sojourner’s activism, the artists worked with and photographed three modern day poets, who like an untold amount of others, have been influenced by Sojourner’s work. Jetsonorama, using his photography talent, shot the poets in the studio for the work. Each poet’s words are painted around their portraits as halos and pertain to African-American womanhood. Jetsonorama states:

“Chen and I wanted to honor the historical contribution of Sojourner Truth to the women’s rights movement and her role as an humanitarian by asking three New York City based, African-American, female poets to share with us poems pertaining to African-American womanhood.  The three poets included Jennifer Falu; writer, poet and teacher T’ai Freedom Ford and writer, poet and director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe Mahogany Browne. Sadly, due to time constraints only Mahogany Browne and T’ai Freedom Ford were included in the mural.”

Thank you, Jetsonorama and Jess X Chen, for your tribute work and connecting history, activism, remembrance, and modern cross-disciplinary art practice!


Jetsonorama and Jess X Chen


Jetsonorama, Jess X Chen, and the poets

(photos © Jetsonorama)