Fintan Magee 1

This week we are taking a close look at our Australian friend, Fintan Magee‘s, recent mural / installation. Titled “The Water Carriers,” the piece is of seven Syrian children standing in a line with empty water jugs. The artist referenced a photo he found on a discarded newspaper for the image. What takes this piece to another level is that when you step closer to the wall, you notice that two mirrors are adjacent on either side of the piece. When standing close to the wall and looking to either end, the mirrors give an infinity affect – an infinite line of Syrian refugee children. Magee shares, “The children wait to fill empty water vessels that act as symbols for the healing component. The work comments on the scale of the current refugee crisis and echo’s a cynical view on how history repeats itself.” The refugee crisis is still overwhelming and some of the most sad stories are those of the children going through such horrific experiences. We have seen many artists touch on this topic with their own work. Fintan has created a clever, beautiful, powerful, and meaningful piece on the subject! 

Fintan Magee 2

Fintan Magee 3