Seth 1

In the wake of yet another horrific tragedy in Paris, France, Parisians and empathizers from around the world are picking up the pieces asking big questions about life and death, love and war, hate and peace. There have been many sentiments  given by words, speeches, videos, and art. Perhaps the most well known image depicting solidarity with Paris is of the Eiffel Tower as a Peace Symbol, made by artist Jean Jullien. But for this week’s SASC focus, we are going to the place we know best – the street – and the Paris native, globetrotting artist, Seth. In response to the terrorist attacks, Seth walked out onto the streets of Paris with a few cans of paint and deliverd a poignant and powerful piece that shows mourning, gives respect, builds solidarity, and delivers hope. In the artist’s style, a young figure is painting on a wall – a young boy writing a saying with red spray paint. The saying is Latin and it reads “Fluctuat nec mergitur,” meaning, “Tossed but not sunk.” It is the motto Paris, and it has been used by Parisians since the late 14th century. It is on the city’s coat of arms and speaks to the city and it’s people’s ability to rise strong in the face of adversity, and in this most recent case, tragedy.

Seth 2

(story awareness via Street Art News)