With all the action at Wynwood at a close, we wanted to take a look back at the event and highlight one mural in particular that was created. The collaboration between Onur and Wes21 was hands down one of the most talked about and shared murals of Art Basel Miami 2015. The detail is there, with the surface water, bubbles, and container ship. The color is there, with the shades of blue, green, and yellow. The balance and movement is there, with the angled sky and arm projecting out. And, for our attention here, the meaning is there, with the awareness being brought to oceanic health!


The folks over at PangeaSeed and Urban Nation Berlin brought the artists to Miami to paint this piece, and the world has been celebrating since. In PangeaSeed form, the imagery is meant to raise attention and voice concern for the visitors of Miami, and viewers from around the world. Art with meaning, and at a time when the world and its creatures need a voice the most. This piece, by the two incredibly talented European artists, was a shining light of beauty and meaning during an event with so much art on display. Big praise and gratitude to Onur and Wes21, and PangeaSeed and Urban Nation, for orchestrating and executing this beautiful piece!


(Pictures by Daniel Weintraub)