The Iranian brother duo, Icy and Sot, were in Los Angeles recently to paint a mural for the Endangered Species Mural Project. In proper fashion, they still hit the streets and put up some work around LA. The Endangered Species Mural Project was made possible by theĀ Center for Biological Diversity, which teaming up with local artists to bring endangered wildlife onto the streets through art in cities and towns around the country. Spearheaded by Portland artist Roger Peet, the mural project will feature wildlife species that are special to their regions, promoting an affinity for the natural world and the diverse species that help define it.


Icy and Sot’s mural is of a breeching whale with a child riding it, and the distant horizon being filled with industrial factory plants. Their fine detailed stencil style gives the piece a wonderful illustrative look, and always, loaded with messaging! They put up a couple ad takeovers as well. Two the them show machine guns being wrapped in barbwire and being run through a meat grinder.


The other shows a homeless person being covered with a blanket that is made to look like an American dollar bill.

Icy and Sot - LA

Amazing work from these artists, who always are using their talents to raise attention and awareness toward social and environmental skills. Cant wait to see what they bring next!