Migrant struggles continue to amount in the world, specifically in Europe, and more precisely in France. A large number of refugees end up in France as they flee their war-torn homelands, and huge camps have been set up (like in Calais) to house the populations. However, the numbers continue to grow, and the way in which to politically and socially handle the situation grows with it. Most recently artist, Pablito Zago, added to the conversation by painting this large mural in his hometown of Avignon, in southern France. Zago has a bright, illustrative, and clean style to his murals (along his many other talents like wonderful wheatpastes, projections, papercuts, and dj mixes). His recent mural, titled Migrants / A Sea of Dead, uses his signature mural style, though still packs a hard-hitting punch of reality to the dire situation thousands are living with every day. We’ve reported on the situation a number of times over the last six months, and will continue to report it as artists dedicate their work toward raising awareness toward issues that surround this large-scale migration of people. Thanks, Pablito, and all the other artists that are using their talents to help bring change in the world!