Pejac - Heavy Sea

Spanish artist, Pejac, is a master of powerfully thought provoking imagery. He touches on themes of social justice, the human condition, modernity, and the environment. For his latest project, he created a real intervention from a painting he conceptualized years ago. Offering a limited edition print run, Pejac painted “Heavy Sea”, raising attention towards environmental concerns. The watercolor painting showed a single life preserver positioned on top of endless mounds of old tires. Recently, he went to such a place in real life and placed a life preserver in the mounds of tires. He writes, “At this rate we could all become Earth’s refugees soon. And planets like this one are hard to come by. This project was actually born some years ago when I painted ‘Heavy Sea’ a watercolor featuring a lifesaver in a sea of disused tires. And then in one of my voyages abroad, just some months ago, I found my self in front of that very same landscape. It was a poetic nightmare made real.”


(Pejac’s past print of Heavy Sea)