Blu 1

The world renowned Italian artist and activist, Blu, recently just wrapped up two new murals which both critique a high-speed rail being built in the Susa valley in northern Italy. The project has created a lot of criticism and conflict, with the majority of objections against it being centered on environmental, health, energy and economic costs as compared to its claimed benefits.One mural is of a ominous industrial machine paving its way through the countryside toward a tree of life, obliterating everything in its path. The other mural depicts a line of people crawling one after the other on their hands and knees, gobbling up money from the ground, without conscious thought. Powerful imagery as usual from Blu!

The NO TAV movement has also focused on the unnecessary construction of the expensive high-speed line and the presence of illegal economic activities and loss of public money through corruption. In classic Blu form, the artist showed up on location at the site of social and environmental injustice armed with his creativity and paint. He painted these two murals, which are meant to raise attention and awareness, and invite solidarity with those who are actively working to halt the massive project.

Blu 2

Blu 3