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The 2016 Summer Olympics are officially over, and Rio has many new additions in the city to remember the monumental event with. One massive addition is the powerful, vibrant, and meaningful mural entitled ‘Ethnicities’ by Brazilian muralist, Eduardo Kobra. The work features Kobra’s signature style of kaleidoscopic color filled faces of 5 indigenous people from around the world. The intent of the piece is to show the humanity that we all share, that we are all connected in our modern globalized world, and that we are all one. “We’re living through a very confusing time with a lot of conflict. I wanted to show that everyone is united, we are all connected,” said Kobra.

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Kobra and his team painted the piece in preparation for the games with support from the City of Rio. Clocking in at 3,000 square meters (over 32,000 sq ft), the mural brought Kobra and his crew a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest spray paint mural by a team. “Color, style, and cultural vibrancy. Three adjectives that describe the city of Rio de Jainero, and the illustrious 560-foot wall that now holds a Guinness World Records title,” wrote the Guinness World Records on their website.

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