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First Amendment Gallery will be lending our space on Friday May 26th from 7 to 10 pm to the graduating students of the Academy of Art. Come join us for free drinks and functional art! The show will be one night only at 1000 Howard Street displaying large and small pieces that put a twist on the impermanent nature of reality. These works of art are by graduating fine arts students from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

CONSUME:  A functional art show featuring 5 emerging artists making a statement about consumerism and impermanence.

In our current society consumerism has made the impermanent both prevalent and preferred. Art has become an even more inaccessible commodity because of its longevity and permanent nature, and this is reflected further still in the high price tag.

As artists in the Bay Area, we understand that space and money are limited. We aim to highlight this by incorporating our original art into every day objects that are functional, space efficient and affordable. In doing so, we hope to open up this art up to a wider audience and create art for the people rather than just the elite, while still forming a cohesive art show and providing a commentary on the impermanence of modern life.

Five artists have come together to make this concept a reality. Every piece is an original, unique to the artist that created it, and together makes a unified show that challenges what the concept of “fine art” actually means.

CONSUME Featuring:

Natalie Gabriel 

Katie Hara

Hannah Laws

Rachel Schneider

Samantha Veneros 

With Kevin Moore & A Special Guest Artists Raffle

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