First Amendment Gallery is taking a closer look at the dreamy work of Mando Marie this week. With our new group show “Natural Plain” exhibiting through October 26th, we’ve decided to show a personal and behind the scenes view of some of our favorite artists.








This week we focus on the captivating work of Mando Marie, an American painter and stencilist based out of Colorado. Graduating with a degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and has been painting since 2001. She primarily focuses on mixed media, collage work and stenciling and has exhibited all over the US and Europe. Mando Marie is also an extremely talented muralist with large scale pieces similar to her storybook style, conquering Europe with some unique pieces to add to her highly renowned street art image. Here is a look at some of our favorite pieces of hers in the US and Europe. 








Mando Marie is highly respected in the street art world and her ability to use stencil work and mixed media that also appeal to the fine art world establishes her as a very unique and well rounded member of the art community. Mando Marie has exhibited at some highly regarded galleries such as Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, White Walls in San Francisco, and has even had solo exhibitions at C.A.V.E. Gallery and The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.







Mando Marie illustrative style mainly focuses on graphic work of children, young adults and even some appearances of wolves throughout her works. Here is a closer look at some of the pieces she is currently exhibiting at our gallery available for purchase. To collect an original of your own contact and come check out the show for yourself through October 26th!