Study the history of graffiti and how it changed over time under one of the graff legends! You’ll go on a mural walk tour to see landmark pieces and productions followed by time spent sketching letters and discovering your own style under the guidance of the instructor. You’ll also learn introductory knowledge of the spray can and have a brief hands-on session to prep you for further classes. This class comes with a free hard case small black book AND your own 24″ x 36″ spray paint letter canvas to take home.The Art of Graffiti: 1.0 is where your urban art journey begins….


In The Art of Graffiti 2.0, you’ll learn advanced spray techniques and can control tips from 1AM’s experienced faculty. Designed specifically for more in focused teaching, you’ll be brainstorming and busting out a collaborative group mural on the side of 1AM for the public to see! This class comes with a digital picture of you and yo student crew, so show us what you got!

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