Thanks to our great fans, supporters, and artists, we made it through our FIRST YEAR.  Through the good, the bad, and the ugly from the past year, the most important lesson we have learned is that street and urban art is here to stay.  To commemorate our anniversary year, 1:AM gallery hosted Eternal Sleep, a tribute to Dia de los Muertos.  For this exhibition, we reanimated our lineup of artists from our inaugural year to haunt our walls with skulls, death, and the celebration of life through their eyes.  This was a merging of the soul of 1:AM with graffiti writers/artists being displayed alongside fine artists, photographers, sculptors, and custom toy designers. Eternal Sleep epitomized what 1:AM strives to accomplish, bringing people from different walks of life together.

The diverse artist lineup:

Peter Gronquist, Mear One, Mark Bode, 64 Colors, Alice Koswara, Bam, Bryn Taylor, Camer, Carlos A, Dave Crosland, Dia, Dril One, Eli Leppert, Hyde, Jessico, Jorone, Josh Ellingson, King 157, Kob, KRK Ryden, Lango, Laurel Anderson, Lawrence Yang, Lily Black, Nate1, Oliver Fader, Peabe, Pete Castro, Phoneticontrol, Reuben Rude, Reyes, Robert Gonzalez, Sesl, Shawn Griggs, Toro, Twick, Vogue

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