1AM is pleased to present, ���Rednecks & Aztecs”, a dual artist exhibition featuring new works by Hydro74 and Jesse Hernandez. Hydro (the Redneck) and Hernandez (the Aztec) will combine their aesthetics and talents to create a strong, graphic show utilizing a myriad of mediums. On January 18th, 6:30-9:30pm, we are excited to bring back two prior 1AM Gallery artists to display the products of their collaboration as well as new pieces for 2013.

As two beasts from different aspects of the art game, for their first collaborative show Hernandez and Hydro will fill up the space with mixed media on canvas and wood panel, custom vinyl toys, laser etched wood, silkscreen prints, drawings and a big production on the 6th street wall. Hernandez, being notorious for the style known as Urban Aztec, will exhibit a combination of indigenous themes and characters updated with urban street flavor to give it a modern twist.

Hydro74 leads a strong international career as a designer, typographer and illustrator. Working in a variety of mediums such as silkscreen prints, graphic design, apparel design, and vinyl toys, his brand and style has become a favorite amongst the culture. Utilizing similar mediums, Hernandez combines traditional indigenous styles and themes with an urban street sensibility. His work utilizes bold line work, sharp colors, and dynamic imagery.

Hydro and Hernandez both exhibit strong styles- Jesse mixing “Aztec” and street-art aesthetics and Hydro exploring “redneck” and organic imagery. Both have a love for bold lines, strong, detailed imagery, letters and fonts. No doubt it will be a visual masterpiece to see the juxtaposition of style, imagery, and mediums all packed into one for the opening of “Rednecks & Aztecs”.

Fans of street art, fine art, prints and vinyl toys will all converge for the unveiling of Jesse Hernandez and Hydro74’s newest works. So join us for the opening of “Rednecks & Aztecs” on January 18th, 6:30-9:30pm!

If you have any purchasing inquiries or would like to request media related material, please email maya@1AMSF.com.