The first official 3A Custom Toy art show, curated by James Brown, is here at San Francisco’s 1:AM SF gallery. The 3A Custom show gives visitors an opportunity to experience the talent within the 3A Legion community and witness how a unique independent toy company, always looking forward, can inspire individual artists worldwide.

This art show features a mix of artists and collectors from all around the world uniting to share ideas and a common love for toys and art.

The primary goal of the show is to introduce 3A Toys to the art world in a way that has not yet been attempted and create a show that challenges people to look at toys in a different light. In the ThreeA “Legion” community, we do our best to promote the camaraderie of like-minded individuals and the ethic of seeking that which brings personal joy and spreads that joy to others through whatever creative endeavors one may pursue; and we hope to share that with the gallery visitors and give them a taste of what we have created together on the online community at ThreeA Forums — Ultimately, an event where artisans and art connoisseurs can meet new people and new artists, chat about art and toys, network, and make new friends. In selecting the artists, curator James Brown chose to invite both commercially unknown artists who are fans of 3A as well as more renowned artists new to 3A (and those bridging the gap !) in order to combine both converse dynamics; creating a multifaceted Art Show with a variety of interpretations that offer contrasting perspectives and aesthetics as applied to the customized toys.

The lineup includes

anubis2night – James Brown
Brizl – Leonard Brizuela
Bubblegumking –  Marc Dooley
Bubo –  Michael Reilly
CKwan Chan
Crestone – Ralph Subia
CrisR – Cris Rose
Cthulhugizzard – Michael Swisstack
Dodgrr –
EdGein – Bryan Fulk
Fseb – HEBERT Sébastien
Konfucious – Mawuli Dzirasa
Matthew Dunn
muffinman – Malte Fulda
Nike Jerk – Jared Cain
Piino – Michelle Perez
Reactor 88
wwwetworks – Carlo Cacho
R. Cody Fultz
Kenn Munk
Ultraman Fong
Lily Black
nwo – Domo Wasaki
Frank Kozik
Luke Cheuh
Master Lok
Mr. Munk
Amanda Visell

If you have any purchasing inquiries or would like to request media related material, please email