1AM and Alex Dril hosted the  1AM Exhibition, “Into the Darkness” with over 60 different artists from all over the world, including US, UK, Japan, Latin America, Canada, etc.  With toys and vinyl becoming a new form of canvas, witness the continued emergence of these talented artists pushing the limits of what toys can be and express.   Having many of the artists in attendance was an added plus which made this show one of the most interactive and educational.  Sharing tips, tricks, and stories, these artists truly made this exhibition one of the most fun and established that the toys are here to stay.

Artist’s Included:
64 Colors, ADDEccenteric, Aeirsick, Albert Art, AttemptedArtistry, Ayleen Gaspar, Boompooper, brainstrikers, ARTDENKA, Brian Colin, BrownKidd, Bryan Collins Catherine J. Cruz,  Collin David, Cris Rose, D-LuX, DrilOne, Flyin Bear, George Gaspar, Hariken, InfamousAdam,  Jenny Wolf, Jon Paul, Kaiser, KaroGaro, Kat Brunnegraff, Keith Poon, Kel7alpha, Kelly Vetter, Leecifer, Leonard Amaral, Lily Black, Lunabee, Lysol, Max Bare, MeSmithy, Mike Maraldo, Nathan Lumm, Nerviswr3k, OsirisOrion, Patrick Francisco, Phoneticontrol, Pretty Poopie, RazhoR, REdYOdA, rustedhalo, Three, TIBONG, Trevor, and Zammit.

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