For Vogue’s 1:AM solo exhibition, all his photo-realistic canvas work is done entirely with the spray can.  The essence of raw action and energy that comes from the can is transferred to his canvases. The exhibition’s subject matter reflects upon the nostalgic time of his teenage years. In looking at his art, one can be brought back to and remember what it’s like to be young, reckless, and free.

You can’t talk about Bay Area Graffiti, without mentioning Vogue of the TDK crew. Vogue was Mike “Dream” Francisco’s partner in crime in the 80’s and one of the first members of their infamous TDK crew.

Vogue has not only raised the bar for Bay Area graffiti writers, but has influenced writers at a national level after winning 1st place in the 2009 Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle. He inspires younger writers to not only practice their lettering styles, but to also perfect their painting technique. “You have to be good in all aspects of graffiti.  Letters, characters and background concepts.”

As a student at the Academy of Art in the 80’s, Vogue would rip out pages of black and white photos of Elle Magazine from the school library and use them as reference for his gigantic female wall portraits. As a student to save money, Vogue painted the female portraits with cheap dollar cans of silver & black spray paint. Vogue was also one of the pioneers where he utilized the skinny cap technique to paint realistic subject matter. His technique has grown to be the foundation of his airbrush business, “Vogue Graphics”, in San Leandro where he airbrushes choppers, classic low riders and muscle cars.

Besides smashing the bay area, Vogue has painted across the USA in New York City, Miami, South Carolina, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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